Energy Policy

Energy policy

In order to achieve the goal of sustainable energy use, we take the initiative to master the enterprise. The energy risks and opportunities that may be faced during the operation process must exert industrial influence from the company's various operational activities, and practice the sustainable goals of saving energy, improving efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and continuously improving energy performance. We are committed to providing all available resources to fully support the effective operation of the energy management system:
  • Compliance with laws and regulations: Follow the energy management laws and regulations set by the government to prevent any wasteful behavior and create an energy-saving and safe environment.
  • Full participation: to enable all employees to understand the importance of saving energy and do it themselves.
  • Energy conservation priority: Support the procurement of high efficiency energy-using equipment and give priority to activities that improve energy performance.
  • Continuous improvement: The application of performance management practices continuously improves the energy management system, and regularly reviews changes in various energy performance and strengthens energy management communication.