Company History

From the past Xusen foundry sand turning plant to the present, has accumulated more than ten years of casting experience. In order to cater for the development of enterprises in the 21st century, Xu Ding Industrial Co., Ltd. was formally established in 1999. Under the guidance of the financial and tax management consulting company, the company's financial and accounting management system was standardized. After two years of operation, the production and customer sources have stabilized. In 2002, the company established internal operation management procedures to establish a foundation for the company to develop into a modern enterprise. In the future, the company will develop towards the international market, actively enterprising customers to trust the casting quality of the company, and giving customers the best satisfaction service quality.

Product Sales Method

Marketing strategy:to expand the international market and provide professional quality products and services as the goal.
Research and development:Transform customer ideas into real objects and seek cooperation opportunities from domestic and foreign manufacturers to achieve business sustainability.

The Company's Business Philosophy

  1. Business philosophy and goals:
    Adhering to integrity, quality service, performance management, customer satisfaction, and reasonable profit are the basic concepts of the company's management. Towards the expansion of the international market, expanding production capacity and increasing the range of product lines are long-term goals for sustainable operations.

  2. Management team:
    • Management team: business management decision-making, investment development plan, human resource planning, industrial safety and insurance regulations planning, internal control management cycle system planning.
    • Business accounting team: sales plan, procurement plan, fiscal and taxation operation management plan, customer management plan
    • Production team: production management plan, quality assurance system planning, precision machining operation plan, equipment maintenance
    • Planning, third-party vendor management planning.
      Management audit: Internal control management audit operation plan.