Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Inspection At Various Stages

  1. Raw material input inspection: iron milling, coke, sand core, silicon manganese ... etc.
  2. Sand mixing operation: sand mold hardness, moisture ... etc.
  3. Casting operation of iron furnace: pouring temperature, carbon and silicon value inspection (CE value).
  4. Inspection before furnace, pouring inspection, white mouth inspection before furnace, metallography of casting, material, hardness, tensile strength, etc.

Various Inspection Equipment, Instruments And Tools

  • Spectrometer
    Mainly used in the analysis of metal material. After the fusion is completed, a sample is taken in the fusion, and the spectrometer analyzes whether the combination of the components meets the specifications to provide a test for the adjustment of the composition. The main function is to adjust the composition and ensure quality.
  • CE-Meter (Carbon Equivalent Analyzer)
    Conversion of carbon and elements other than carbon into carbon equivalent (CE%) indicates the effect of each element on the actual carbon content of the eutectic point, and the amount of these elements is converted into an increase or decrease in carbon content.
  • Hammer-type sample making machine and sand sample filler
    It is used to determine the compactness of casting sand to ensure that the quality of casting sand meets the standards set in the factory.
  • Moisture Analyzer
    Measure and control the moisture content of the sand mold to ensure that the quality of the cast sand meets the standards set in the factory.
  • Casting sand particle size sieve sand machine
    Screening and analysis of sand particle size of cast sand to maintain good sand particle size.
  • Thermometer
    It is used to control the temperature and pouring temperature of molten metal to improve the yield of castings.

Delivery Inspection Items And Certification

Entrust the Metal Industry Development Center to inspect the project:
  1. Material composition inspection of raw materials: milling iron, coke, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, scrap steel ...
  2. Wet sand mold inspection: hardness, moisture, strength, air permeability, compression ratio, activated clay, AFS particle size index ...
  3. Casting material inspection: metallographic analysis, hardness inspection, chemical composition, tensile strength ... etc.