Pouring Operations
The Xuding automatic moulding line is a horizontal box-carrying sand mould moulding line. The upper and lower sand moulds are formed by two hydraulic extrusion moulding machines respectively, and the upper and lower sand moulds are formed by the air-hydraulic combination automatic transfer device and the mould is turned over and then moved to the trolley for casting Moving line. After the pouring molding is cooled, the mold is unloaded and separated by the demolding transfer device, and then the molding is entered. The size of Xuding's automatic model is 1280×600 mm, which can produce longer products. The maximum unit weight of the product that can be produced is 100 kg, and the mold production capacity is 40 molds per hour. The advantage of automatic mold making is that the surface quality is high and it has a high degree of consistency. Even if it is a batch-produced casting, its quality can remain excellent and stable.